About Us

The Southern Illinois Flute Society (SIFS) is a non-profit organization operated by a volunteer board of directors. It was founded on November 14, 1996 in an effort to provide a time and place for flutists to meet, exchange ideas, gain performance experience, play in ensembles and generally promote and enhance flute playing in the Southern Illinois area.

Since Fall 2008, SIFS has been focusing on developing a regional flute choir.  Starting then with just ten players, the Choir now has seventeen members, and has gradually grown to include the full complement of flutes:  piccolo, C flutes, alto, bass, and contrabass.  Free public concerts are offered twice a year, generally at the end of Spring and Fall semesters.

Education is the cornerstone of this organization.  SIFS has offered Flute Fairs and Master Classes throughout the years.  Past guest artists have included Rhonda Larson, Zawa, Katherine Kemler, Alexa Still, Paula Kasica, Michael Debost, Charles Delaney, MSgt Betsy Hill, Eva Amsler, Jan Gippo, Catherine Bull, Jim Walker, Mark Sparks, and Gary Schocker.